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The INSTART group celebrated a double birthday last week. The Fichtner twins celebrated their birthday together with over 30 employees at the headquarters in Gaimersheim. For the two partners and founders of the INSTART group, family cohesion between the individual companies CUBE brand communications, e.telligent, digitalwerk, ip camp and INSTART consult

within the group of companies is always in the foreground. For this reason, the brothers did not miss the opportunity to visit the HQ in Gaimersheim on their birthday and celebrate with the INSTART group family.

However, an existing tradition was broken shortly before the golden 50 - instead of schnitzel with potato salad, this time there was a sausage variation from white sausages to cheese wieners to a vegetarian sausage substitute.
But of course, Markus and Frank were also given presents themselves - for the first time, the two received different gifts:

Frank likes to tinker with his bicycle, but it has been lying half disassembled in the office for a week - now he has the right mount to continue working on it.
For Markus, there was a special training session. The foosball table is a central meeting point in the office and to ensure that Markus dominates the table in the future, he received private training with a German foosball world champion.
"It will be exciting next year," said the two laughing during their speech, "because then we will celebrate our hundredth together!"

The entire INSTART group wishes "All the best" once again!