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Next milestone: digitalwerk integrates distributed system in ADTF

The software development company digitalwerk has successfully completed the integration of a distributed system into the ADAS software framework ADTF (Autonomous Data & Time-Triggered Framework). The specialist for ADAS tools and frameworks integrates the recently published Functional Engineering Platform (FEP) of a large German OEM from southern Germany into ADTF. 

The Functional Engineering Platform is a scalable simulation platform in the field of automotive software development. The background of the platform is the standardization in the development of modules as well as their execution and management in a distributed system. Through standardized interfaces, the Functional Engineering Platform simplifies the development of connections for software tools to the platform and thus the independent setup and operation of distributed systems. 

"Our task as holders of the ADTF sales and development license is to continuously simplify ADAS function development for the user through the software framework," explains Enrico Engel, managing director of digitalwerk. "By integrating the distributed system of the Functional Engineering Platform into ADTF, we are offering ADTF users numerous new advantages," says Engel. The main benefit for users of the software framework lies in the deterministic, clearly controlled processing of repeatable simulations, Engel explains. The integration of the distributed system in ADTF also promotes communication within the platform, as the system can be easily expanded to include user-defined participants. The time synchronization as well as the exchange of data in real time also contribute to a simplified handling for the user. 

"I am very pleased that we have reached an important milestone with the connection of the Functional Engineering Platform to ADTF," summarizes digitalwerk managing director Enrico Engel, while at the same time looking ahead: "On the way to achieving our long-term goal - the development of a cloud solution for ADTF and an ADTF ecosystem - our development work must now continue to be strongly oriented towards the usage preferences of ADTF users. Engel is certain that this interim goal could not have been achieved in this form without the outstanding performance of the team. This will make the team a key success factor in reaching the next stage. The integration is currently available to users as a beta version and will be incorporated into the standard scope of ADTF in a future version.

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