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Regensburg-based software developer digitalwerk and industry leader AVL Software and Functions have signed a contract for a mutual distribution partnership. The contract is a milestone in digitalwerk's company history because the cooperation will open up new markets for the distribution of the ADAS software framework ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework). AVL is the world's largest independent company for development, simulation and testing in the automotive and other industries.

"We are very proud of this new collaboration. AVL is a strong partner with a worldwide distribution network. We hope that this will enable us to win new customers for ADTF, for example in Asia. In addition, the bundling of our know-how can help us to further develop our products," says Enrico Engel, CEO of digitalwerk. His technology forge has been the exclusive holder of ADTF's sales and development license since 2017 and is continuously working on updates to the software. Already, more than 8,000 licenses of ADTF are in use - including by global market leaders and well-known premium car manufacturers from Germany.

The distribution partnership with AVL Software and Functions is intended to herald the next step in the company's development. Indeed, in addition to the mutual sales partnership, it was also agreed that work will be done on the mutual integration of ADTF and AVL's Maestra® by-product. The new partner's software is a framework that helps users work in compliance with standards. "Together, we will work on ADAS tools and frameworks, bringing together both of our strengths. The combination of our development tools with digitalwerk's ADTF and our Maestra® will lead to an even more efficient development of ADAS/AD functions. We are looking forward to a great partnership!", comments Georg Schwab, CEO of AVL Software and Functions.

digitalwerk will soon introduce version 3.14 of ADTF. Important improvements include FEP integration (building distributed systems), better DDL (Data Definition Language) performance, support for new platforms (VS2019, gcc7), support for Qt 5.15 and C++17, and Component Store integration. This means that ADTF will have its own app store in the future.

Traditionally, ADTF's enhancements are based on input from license customers. Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework - ADTF for short - is a software framework of Audi AG for the development of intelligent driver assistance systems. The unique selling point of ADTF is the time-synchronous processing of multiple sensor data streams. The driver assistance and safety functions programmed in the development platform can be easily visualized and tested virtually at the desk thanks to the integrated test environment. Developments such as adaptive cruise control, gesture controls, adaptive cornering lights and predictive pedestrian protection have emerged from the software framework.

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