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Launch "Riding Experience Alto Adige" - New Provider for Motorbike Experiences in South Tyrol

The combination of over 300 Sundays a year, the mediterranean climate and the alpine mountains make South Tyrol a mecca for every motorbike fan. As an official partner of the Safety Park Alto Adige, we at CUBE brand communications are launching the new provider Riding Experience Alto Adige for unique motorbike adventure rides.

Riding Experience Alto Adige offers motorcyclists and the entire motorbike industry a wide range of services, from various touring experiences and technical training to motorbike rentals and the marketing of the Safety Park Alto Adige - a driving safety centre for motorbike events. The Safety Park Alto Adige will always be the starting point for motorbike experience events. The driving safety and experience centre offers the ideal conditions for motorbike enthusiasts with a handling course, several dynamic areas and multi-faceted off-road and motocross tracks.

Not far from the Safety Park Alto Adige, the landscape with its winding mountain passes offers a great ambience for many different panoramic rides. Whether you are a (re-)beginner or an advanced motorcyclist, Riding Experience Alto Adige offers a perfect motorbike setting with the Safety Park South and the surrounding landscape, regardless of the skill level of the participants.

Further information on the Riding Experience Alto Adige offer and the B2B use of the Safety Park Alto Adige can be found in the current press release.

Photo Credits: STA AG / Armin Huber, Riding Experience Alto Adige