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Functional Engineering Platform, ARXML-Parser and Supertester as focal points in the context of ADTF: digitalwerk presents portfolio at exclusive trade fair

Software specialist digitalwerk is expanding its visibility in the market and presenting its portfolio at the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo trade fair in Stuttgart from June 21 to 23. At this trade fair, the Regensburg-based company will present its services in the areas of tool development, simulation and ADAS validation to experts from OEMs, suppliers and development partners in the field of ADAS and AD.  

Since its foundation in 2015, the software development company with a focus on ADAS tools & frameworks has been fully responsible for the development of the ADAS software framework & toolset ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework) as lead developer. These years of expertise allow to quickly develop customizable software products and transfer the competitive advantages to other industries. The claim "Highly Sophisticated Software Tools For Autonomous Systems" describes the high demands on the own software solutions.

Enrico Engel and Michael Lübbeke, the two managing directors, see their company as a driver of future autonomous mobility and autonomous systems in industrial applications and say: "Without functioning software, there is no autonomous mobility! We enable our customers and partners to develop, test and secure these systems. Due to our many years of expertise as a partner in software development for ADAS systems, we have a very deep understanding of the system. As a licensed partner and exclusive host of the ADTF Customer Forum, we offer our expertise to all OEMs, suppliers and development service providers involved in the development of autonomous systems," the two CEOs said.

At the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo, Europe's most influential conference for innovation, research and development in the field of ADAS and autonomous vehicles in the automotive industry, high-ranking international experts come together to exchange the latest knowledge and experience in these areas, to engage in conversation and to network. The management would like to use this perfect platform for the Upper Palatinate software specialists to present three focal points of the portfolio with an exhibition booth specially designed for the Expo: the integration of the Functional Engineering Platform (FEP) in ADTF, the ARXML parser and the Supertester.

Already since 2016, the cathedral city-based company has held the exclusive development and sales license of ADTF, which is now offered to its customers and partners in version 3.14. This proven and referenced version is characterized in particular by the integration of the Functional Engineering Platform (FEP), an open source software that enables more flexibility and simplification in ADAS function development. "One of the things we want to do with the FEP integration is to put our clear focus on best possible customer service and usage preferences of ADTF users," explains Michael Lübbeke, who will also be on site in Stuttgart. "In the next step, we are aiming for a cloud solution and a holistic ADTF product portfolio," he adds.

The second focus will be the ARXML parser, which excels with above-average parse performance and lower memory consumption.  With this in-house development, customers can load the increasingly common ARXML databases and thus read out multiple different vehicle networking information - at top speed.

Automated acquisition, faster evaluation, intuitive operation when testing driver assistance systems - all this is offered by the Supertester, the third focus of the trade show. This application guarantees test managers less frustration due to incorrect test execution and considerable time and thus cost savings when testing their ADAS functions. A specially produced product video is available on the company's YouTube channel.

Lübbeke sees the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo as a great opportunity for digitalwerk to strengthen its market position: "We want to convince with our core competencies in good discussions and make our contribution to the common exchange of experiences. With the presence at such a prominent trade fair, we can present our portfolio to a large audience of experts," Lübbeke continues.

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