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New location and shared desk: INSTART group now also in Eitensheim

The companies of the INSTART group have moved into a new, additional office space - only a few kilometers away from the headquarters in Gaimersheim. The building with attached laboratory and workshop is located in Eitensheim, directly on the B13 and has the structural conditions to also fulfill the requirements for the TISAX certifications. For e.telligent, a specialist in the field of electromobility, and ip camp, an expert in Big Data and data analysis, the location already functions as the new headquarters.

Address: Eichstätter Straße 40, 85117 Eitensheim, Germany

New workplace concept introduced

At the new location, the INSTART group also immediately introduced a new, modern workplace concept: Shared Desk means that the employees* no longer have fixed and personal workplaces, but share the work areas with their colleagues. Mobile working is also becoming more and more popular at INSTART group - therefore fewer workstations are necessary. In joint agreements, the employees determine when they are in the home office and when they would like to use a desk, so that the available capacities are used optimally. Their personal belongings, such as laptop, charging cable, key card, office materials or snacks can be stowed and stored in their own boxes, so that the respective desk is available for the next person after use in a neat and tidy manner.

Michael Mittag, Managing Director of INSTART consult, the digital shared service provider of the INSTART group, says: "The Shared Desk principle illustrates how well the INSTART group has arrived in the modern working world and that the managing directors are always looking for further development. I personally see the principle as a good opportunity for flexible working for the employees of our modern-oriented group of companies."