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INSTART group honored as "Employer of the Future"

The German Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization awarded the INSTART group, as well as the affiliated companies digitalwerk, e.telligent, ip camp, CUBE brand communications, and INSTART consult, with the "Employer of the Future" distinction. The award recipients were analyzed and evaluated as part of a comprehensive examination process. The initiators of the awards include not only the German Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization but also the German Institute for Service and Quality, and Brigitte Zypries, former Federal Minister for Economic Affairs. 

The German Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND) collaborates closely with numerous experts from the fields of business, science, and politics. It conducts extensive studies on behalf of partners to assess the future viability of companies. An important initiative of the DIND in this area is the "Employer of the Future" initiative, which was launched in collaboration with the media partner DUP UNTERNEHMER. To receive the "Employer of the Future" seal, candidates must demonstrate their performance in five critical areas of success: modern leadership, innovation capability, progress in digital transformation, employee friendliness, and recruitment strategies.

The INSTART group excelled in all of these areas and was able to successfully present itself as an economic, ecological, social, and digital employer. In order to receive this distinction, the INSTART group underwent a multi-stage examination process. This process included the Smart Company Check, developed by experts, as well as a digital external check. Additional elements of the successfully completed analysis process included meta-analyses, customer and employee evaluations, as well as an examination of the web and social media presence.

The INSTART group convinced the examiners, particularly through its future-oriented fields of activity, which offer enormous potential for identification. The group of companies is dedicated to projects in leading technology fields such as electromobility, autonomous driving, software development, and big data. In addition, the member companies of the INSTART group also cover areas such as marketing & communication and digital shared services. The employees are distributed across a total of 7 locations and benefit from a high level of digitalization, enabling agile and cross-group collaboration. The employee-oriented corporate philosophy of the corporate group was also highlighted. The INSTART group places great importance on an exceptional togetherness and the well-being of the entire workforce.

"We are delighted to receive the award from the German Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization. At the INSTART group, we place great importance on a profound understanding of the needs of our employees, a modern and innovation-oriented corporate culture, as well as the clear commitment of our management to digitalization and sustainability. These elements form the basis for our promising future prospects," said Frank Fichtner, who leads the corporate group together with his brother Markus Fichtner and Dr. Christian Matzner, in response to the award. The examination by DIND has also revealed growth opportunities and development potential that the INSTART group will address in the future. Because that is also what defines the future viability and quality of an attractive employer: to continuously question one's own corporate culture and, if necessary, adapt it. The INSTART group is committed to this not only to its employees but also to all stakeholders involved."

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