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Ingolstadt putzt sich raus! - CSR campaign by e.telligent

FC Gerolfing, The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW), IRMA Regionalmanagement, FOS / BOS Ingolstadt, Schanzer Ducks, KBUMM!, zerowaste_in, nurINpur, Sportziege and many more.

All these organizations and many, many private persons have supported the sustainability initiative "Ingolstadt putzt sich raus!" #keepINclean of our company e.telligent. On behalf of e.telligent, we would like to thank you for your support.  The action week has thus met with a positive response not only from e.telligent and within the INSTART group, but also from many other Ingolstadt residents.

However, e.telligent do not want to leave it at this one action. Since environmental protection and sustainability cannot be achieved with one campaign alone, e.telligent will continue to dedicate itself to this topic in the future. "Ingolstadt putzt sich raus!" is planned again for October 2021.

Until then, e.telligent will keep you up to date on the topics of waste disposal / avoidance, sustainability, etc. on the Instagram account "Ingolstadt putzt sich raus!".